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Xavier Beckford Fitness

Trainer in Jamaica

Xavier Beckford is the Master Trainer and owner of Xtreme Fitness Training. He has been working in the fitness industry since 2005. His dedication and passion to fitness made him the person he is today. He took his knowledge of fitness and nutrition above and beyond by acquiring a BS in Nutrition and exercise science from the  University of  Queens College. He has worked with individuals as young as 12 and as old as 70 years of age in helping them achieve their  fitness goals  whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscles or just general health and cardiovascular fitness. Unlike many fitness/health industry professionals, Xavier Beckford’s passion for health and fitness was birthed out of necessity. 

In 2005, Xavier weighed a whopping 285 lbs. His poor diet and lifestyle eventually led to depression, poor self esteem, physical health challenges-including the threat of diabetes, loss of energy and loss of physical strength. Eventually he had to make a decision: take charge over his overall health and life or continue down the path of death and destruction.  Now he lives a healthy and balanced lifestyle, both inside and outside of the gym. He loves to travel, always has a new destination on his bucket list. Today, Xtreme Fitness Trainer transforms the lives of countless men and women in the Greater NYC area with its holistic, supportive, friendly, fun approach to health and fitness.